Gerry Welsh
President and Chief Operating Officer of ATCO Power

Gerry Welsh is the new President and Chief Operating Officer of ATCO Power, an international leader in power product development, construction, ownership, and operation. Headquartered in Calgary, Canada, ATCO Power is regarded as a leading independent power producer focused on generation assets located in North America, Europe and Oceania.

Welsh moves into this role after a long and illustrious tenure with the ATCO Group. “Mr. Welsh has been a key contributor to the success of our company throughout his 34-year career with the ATCO Group,” said Nancy Southern , President and Chief Executive Officer.

ATCO Power is a major subsidiary of the ATCO Group, an Alberta-based corporation with more than 6,000 employees engaged in five principal business groups that are active worldwide: Power Generation, Logistics & Energy Services, Technologies, Utilities, and Industrials. The ATCO Group’s power generation business is considered one of the major growth areas of the company.

ATCO Power has a wide portfolio of generating assets that operate under long term contracts. Significant growth is anticipated in 2004 for ATCO Power as a number of new plants will be under construction or scheduled for completion, including projects in Windsor, Ontario; Alberta; and in Saskatchewan. At present, ATCO Power has ownership interest in 20 power plants in operation or construction, including assets in London, U.K., and Australia.

Welsh began his career with the ATCO Group of Companies in 1969 as a graduate engineer. After many growth positions, Welsh was appointed President of ATCO Energy in 1999, and now President of ATCO Power. Welsh is dedicated to ensuring that ATCO Power continues to be focused on building a reputation as a world-class developer, construction manager, owner and operator of environmentally friendly, technologically advanced power generation plants in North America, Europe and the South Pacific.