Gene Martin

The energy world is changing, opening up new opportunities for cogeneration, and Gene Martin believes EMCOR Energy is poised to become a significant national service platform for the power industry in this vibrant new world.

EMCOR Energy is a division of EMCOR Group, Inc. one of the world's leading providers of planning, consulting, mechanical and electrical engineering facilities services, with annual revenues in excess of $3.5 billion.

EMCOR Energy (EE), provides broad-based infrastructure solutions utilizing EMCOR's national network of over 50 operations located throughout the US EE supplies energy service providers (developers and generators), EPC, D-B, and single trade services in support of energy facilities and comprehensive client services from project inception to completion for select, long-term retail customers. As a single point of responsibility, EE provides all of its customers with unparalleled quality, price competitiveness, and a time-compressed delivery process - a commitment confirmed by the ISO 9000 certification of the vast majority of its operating entities.

EE client assignments span project evaluation and analysis to construction and commissioning of a broad spectrum of energy facilities and projects. EE acts as the "execution arm" for companies, providing full service offerings in the emerging energy, large-scale distribution, cogeneration and energy equipment sectors and as a "turnkey" resource for its clients.

Martin joined EMCOR Energy in 2001. He previously served as president of Keyspan Energy Management, Inc. He believes the company is on the cusp of new opportunities in the power industry. "Our strong local and national relationships and demonstrated experience in complex mechanical and electrical installations, coupled with the improving environment for CHP project development risk, are creating new opportunities," he explains. "Now owners and developers realize the need for and benefits of risk sharing. Today they are seeking to establish real collaborative relationships."

According to Martin, this improving risk environment gives a company like EMCOR the opportunity to develop "win-win" regional and national partnerships with owners and developers focused on value engineering the most competitive project possible. "Cogeneration opportunities will also be expanding because of the difficulty in siting new transmission facilities," he points out. "Cogen overcomes capacity constraints on transmission facilities - by supporting locational needs."

Martin maintains that the ability to marry the output of the power facility for support of the transmission and distribution grid with the needs of the industrial host for energy and steam will be a significant opportunity. "That is the future," he says.

The appeal of cogeneration is also growing thanks to its inherent efficiency and reliability, which continue to make gains, according to Martin. "The tremendous advancements in cogen technology are driving this industry forward," he explains. "Improvements in lifecycle costs, heat rates, controls, and emissions technologies are vastly improving CHP packages at the smaller end of the 'inside the fence' power market.

"Although the general economy and capacity additions are exerting downward pressure on prices, cogeneration is becoming increasingly attractive, and we want to be the infrastructure solutions arm to put that technology in the marketplace," he adds. "Today there is a patchwork of service companies, but no one with a dominant service platform. EMCOR is in the position to offer that national service platform for the energy business."

EMCOR Energy has projects and relationships in progress with major companies and institutions nationwide with over $500 million in revenues and a significant backlog.

EMCOR Energy has completed a wide range of energy projects, including work on new combined-cycle central stations, dedicated CHP plants for institutional customers and energy conservation programs valued at over $500 million in the past two years with a healthy backlog. EMCOR's business strategies include assumption of the broader responsibilities of a national service provider; development of strategic alliances with energy retailers, merchant power companies and complementary service providers; and a key role in full life cycle services for the North American market.

"I look at EMCOR Energy as an emerging energy leader - as a premier execution resource in the power industry," Martin asserts. "Our goal is to be a significant player marked by our relationships, the depth and quality of our service coverage and on financial performance."