John Vaughey

Mr. Vaughey has extensive management experience as CEO and managing partner of various privately held companies. He provides strategic direction along with two other key managers, Bill Clary, Vice President of Sales and Marketing and Kevin O'Sullivan, Vice President of Operations.

Established in 1992, MIRATECH develops, sells and supports emission control and engine performance products and solutions for industrial reciprocating engines. MIRATECH also creates catalyst housings and control systems.

In late 2000, MIRATECH formed a new subsidiary MIRATECH SCR, to concentrate on expanding opportunities in North America for SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) systems - a highly efficient and technologically advanced method for reducing NOx and other exhaust gases.

"The formation of MIRATECH SCR is a significant strategic step for our company," said Vaughey. "It further positions us to take full advantage of the rapid movement occurring in North America toward environmentally responsive engine technology for on-site power generation and pipeline operations."

MIRATECH SCR is also a national distributor for HUG Engineering in Switzerland, the company responsible for developing the SCR catalytic converter technology, which reduces pollutants and exhaust gases emitted from diesel, dual-fuel or lean-burn industrial combustion engines. In addition to its application in the power-generation market, SCR converter systems are also used in gas compression, liquid pumping and marine propulsion operations. MIRATECH'S SCR Catalytic Converters are used on Caterpillar, Waukesha, Cooper, Wartsila, Jenbacher, Detroit Diesel and Cummins industrial gas and diesel engines to reduce pollutants produced from the combustion of fossil fuels such as oxides of nitrogen, carbon monoxide and unburned hydrocarbons.

In the past five years, MIRATECH has enjoyed 600 percent sales growth, as it has expanded from its strong base in the gas compression business into the power generation market. The company's staff has more than doubled in size in the last 24 months.

Four regional sales offices located in Colorado, Florida, Illinois and Texas support MIRATECH and MIRATECH SCR. The offices service and sell to major accounts and manage a network of distributors and representatives that provide a network of service to MIRATECH's customers. Technical skills required to produce emission control solutions stretch across narrow disciplines, including engine controls, engine combustion, exhaust mechanics, catalytic chemistry, sound reduction, and environmental regulation. MIRATECH'S research and development department develops products, assists technical quote preparation and increases core competence of the combined organization.

Many factors have contributed to the success of MIRATECH and MIRATECH SCR, including increasing North American concerns about air pollution as well as persistent acid rain in 20 Northeastern states and Canada. Also, power blackouts in the western United States, have sparked sales as more and more industrial businesses sought on-site power generation from industrial engines as environmentally acceptable, highly flexible new sources of reliable electric power.

MIRATECH has demonstrated its ability to develop its management and infrastructure to promote and support its rapid sales rapid growth and is committed to providing its employees with the resources and tools necessary to deliver products and services to an ever-expanding and diversified customer base throughout North America.

"Our growth stems from offering the right solutions and product lines in a timely manner," said Vaughey. "We are certainly not as big as our competitors, but our goal is to serve our market niches with better focus and results than any other company operating in North America." Along with the entire power generation industry, Vaughey has noticed softening of the market since the September 11 attacks, but he also sees selective signs of recovery. "It's a good business to be in, because North America will always need environmentally acceptable sources of distributed power."

Although the company has taken strides to cater to the promising Latin American market, Vaughey still sees the company's primary growth potential over the next three years to be in North America. "We are certainly keeping our options open for international expansion but it is not our current focus," said Vaughey. "Our company is still growing and we still have plenty to do in North America. We are making a conscious decision to do what we do best which is serving the North American market."

Vaughey is extremely optimistic about the company's future growth. "We don't believe the current administration will drastically reduce clean air requirements, because much of the demand for cleaner air is coming from people in the states - where voters live and breathe," said Vaughey. "We anticipate emissions standards for air will continue to tighten in the next few years and serve as a spur to an even greater need for SCR and other technologies. We will continue to add products and services utilizing the latest technological advances. We believe we are well positioned."