S. Marce Fuller

    S. Marce Fuller S. Marce Fuller was recently named president and chief executive officer of Southern Energy Inc., a unit of Southern Company, one of the world's largest independent power producers with assets of nearly $14 billion.

    Fuller, 39, has been serving as executive vice president of Southern Energy and president and CEO of affiliate Southern Company Energy Marketing. She succeeds Tom Boren, who is retiring after more than 30 years with Southern Company.

    In her new role, Fuller will direct Southern Energy's worldwide operations, which include electric power production, delivery or trading facilities in the United States, Argentina, China, the Philippines, the Bahamas, Chile, England, Germany, the Netherlands, Brazil and Trinidad and Tobago.

    "Marce Fuller's management expertise and broad experience in our industry make her uniquely qualified to lead Southern Energy's continued growth as one of the world's leading independent energy companies," Dahlberg said. "She has been a key player in Southern Energy's development and will provide the continuity we need as the company moves forward."

    "We have a great depth of talent in place at Southern Energy, and that is helping us deliver on our strategy of expanding our growth in the competitive energy supply business," Dahlberg added.

    Fuller, who joined Southern Energy in 1992, had overseen the operations of Southern Company Energy Marketing, a partnership formed in 1997 by Southern Energy and Vastar Resources Inc. Southern Company Energy Marketing provides energy trading, marketing and financial services and other energy-related commodities, products and services to customers in North America.

    Previously, Fuller was Southern Energy's senior vice president of the North American division, responsible for managing the development and acquisition of power generation assets as well as oversight of the management and operations of assets and business units in North America.

    From 1992 to 1994, Fuller served as international project director, responsible for business development activities in Latin America, the Caribbean, Australia and New Zealand.