And is restructuring a key issue?

    ABB ALSTOM POWER: Clearly, if we can meet all these major challenges, this will provide a firm basis for the sort of profitable growth which our shareholders rightly demand. However, as you say, there is a further implicit challenge facing the company. This must be for us all to keep pace with the process of continuous integration, which has to be as fast as humanly possible.

    Speed, as they say, is of the essence. From now on, everyone must move very quickly to ensure the enormous task of restructuring is implemented rapidly and at every level.

    What part do you see the employees playing in the overall plan? Won't there be at least some 'culture change' involved?

    ABB ALSTOM POWER: It goes without saying that all our people have a key part to play in developing our new company and a new multinational culture will emerge. We need entrepreneurial individuals who are willing to accept change and our goal is to make certain that we retain the best, most talented people. At the same time, all levels of management must understand that change also brings uncertainty. This will make effective and efficient communications at employee, managerial, business segment and national levels even more vital an issue. But we believe we now have a single team with a single vision and purpose: to make ABB ALSTOM POWER the most competitive power generation services and equipment provider in today's global market.

    Would you please give us your new address?

489 Avenue Louise
1050 Brussels
Tel: 32 2642 3000
Fax: 32 2642 3601

    Thank you.