World-Gen Volume 27 No 1 - page 2
Siemens’ SGT-8000H series gas turbines are capable of
performing at efficiency levels of more than 60 percent.
That means a 85,000-ton reduction in CO
every year compared with today’s conventional
combined cycle plants. But the story of the most
powerful commercially operating gas turbine in the
world doesn’t end there. The SGT6-8000H 60Hz turbine
also delivers extreme reliability, operational flexibility
and faster start-ups while minimizing life-cycle costs.
It’s the ultimate in gas turbine technology that saves you
money while helping to save our environment.
One of the largest turbines on earth.
One of the smallest impacts on earth.
The SGT6-8000H is both powerful and efficient, using less fuel with
lower emissions for a very sustainable future.
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