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Companies routinely create strategies
to take advantage of situations they antici-
pate in the marketplace, or to deal with cir-
cumstances created by geopolitical events,
economic disruptions and stricter environ-
mental regulations. Such plans, though,
aren’t always carried out routinely. But that
hasn’t been the case for the Energy and
Environment Division of Mitsubishi Hitachi
Power Systems America (MHPSA-EE).
Since its establishment in 2005, origi-
nally as Hitachi’s standalone operation sup-
plying North American power generation
companies with energy products and follow-
up service, the Energy and Environment
Division has developed a practical perspec-
tive on the way it implements its mission.
“We don’t try to drive the market,” says
Class of 2015 inductee William
Buffa, senior vice president and general
manager of MHPSA-EE. Instead, Buffa
explains, the Energy and Environment
Division tries to understand what a power
producer client wants to achieve and how it
expects to reach its objectives. Is it convert-
ing to natural gas? Is planning retrofits with
AQCS upgrades using new technology,
designs and equipment to burn coal cleanly
with lower emissions? Does it understand
the regulatory climate and the ramifications
involved in specific states and region? “We
offer solutions,” Buffa says.
This sort of strategic attitude reflects
the fundamental principles and engineering
doctrines that have guided two venerable
Japanese leaders in power generation tech-
nology – Mitsubishi Power Systems
America and Hitachi Power Systems
America – for a combined 150 plus years.
And it is the blueprint that the recently
formed MHPSA-EE follows.
Last February the two multinational
industrial companies merged their fossil
power generation businesses in North
America with a plan to expand their power
generation and related environmental prod-
uct lines, service and factory capacity. From
Buffa’s viewpoint of more than 38 years in
the power industry and ten years with
Hitachi Power Systems, the merger was a
natural fit.
Hitachi’s sales and full service opera-
tions were solidly established in the North
American solid fossil fuels market, he
explains, supported by experienced engi-
neers and technicians who knew the mar-
ket and whom the market knew well. Buffa
describes Mitsubishi with its combustion
turbine expertise as probably having the
most advanced rotating machinery/equip-
ment technology in the business. With the
combined talent and resources of
Mitsubishi and Hitachi, superior technolog-
ical products have become available to
broader markets rapidly, cost effectively
and with better project execution and ser-
vice support. 
And these products, equipment and sys-
tems couldn’t have come at a better time.
As pressure mounts from politicians, envi-
ronmentalists and regulators to retire sever-
al hundred of the country’s estimated 1,300
utility coal-fired boiler units, the power
industry is coming up with advanced tech-
nology. MHPSA-EE executive and
Class of 2014 honoree Larry White said
last year he had doubts about the wholesale
scraping of one third of the U.S. boiler
capacity. Instead, he noted it was more like-
ly a number of these units could be convert-
ed to fire natural gas or undergo retrofits
with AQCS upgrades using new technology
– much of it developed by MHPSA-EE.
MHPSA-EE has indeed become a lead-
ing supplier of equipment and services for
the power generation market. Products
include advanced Pulverized Coal Boilers,
Air Quality Control Systems, Wet Flue Gas
Desulfurization, Enhanced All-Dry
Scrubbers, Fabric Filters, Mercury
Oxidation Systems, SCR technology,
Catalyst, Low NOx Burners and CO2 miti-
gation technologies. Services include
Operation and Plant Performance assess-
ments, Engineering Studies, Coal-to-Gas
conversions, Pulverizer and Pressure Part
modifications and replacements, Inspection,
Commissioning and Start-up, AQCS
upgrades and conversions and Spare Parts.
“We can supply the entire market,” says
Buffa. The newly integrated MHPSA is
headquartered in Lake Mary, Florida, while
the Energy and Environment Division
(MHPSA- EE) is located in Basking Ridge,
New Jersey. “This means we are not just a
sales and marketing office for Mitsubishi
and Hitachi Technologies,” he goes on, “but
have resident project execution, engineer-
ing and design professionals, and procure-
ment and technology staff in New Jersey.”
Buffa adds that MHPSA-EE offers clients
total solutions as a project execution com-
pany, delivering not only a state of the art
technical solution but delivering it on time
and on budget.
The recently formed joint venture
between Mitsubishi and Hitachi, MHPSA
now offers a wide range of boiler services
and products. This includes inspection ser-
vices along with emergency support, out-
age planning and assistance, equipment
replacement, repair and overhauls services.
MHPSA also provides engineering studies
to analyze operating or maintenance prob-
lems, evaluate solutions and provide the
designs necessary to correct an issue.
He joined Hitachi in 2004 and spear-
headed project execution when Hitachi
Power Systems America was established in
2005. Mr. Buffa is responsible for the day to
day operation of this division. Mr. Buffa
earned his Bachelor of Engineering and
Master of Engineering degrees in
Mechanical Engineering from Manhattan
College. He is a licensed professional engi-
neer in the State of New York.
Senior Vice President & General Manager
Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems -
Energy and Environment, Ltd.
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