CLASS OF 2016 WORLD-GENERATION 8 CLASS OF 2019 Helion Energy aims to revolutionize the energy market with its breakthrough tech- nology for low cost, carbon-free electricity. Helion’s scientifically validated technology allows for the affordable development and rapid deployment of practical commercial fusion energy. “Fusion is what powers our sun and environment. Other renewables, like wind and solar, indirectly harness the fusion energy of the sun. At Helion, we directly create fusion energy and Helium 3 to generate clean electricity, Kirtley said. The technology and engineering required for net-production fusion finally exists. By combining our years of experi- ence in fusion, newly available electronics technologies, and a revolutionary design using cutting-edge physics, Helion main- tains it is making a generator 1,000 times smaller, over 50 times cheaper, and realiz- able 10 times faster than other approaches. “We are a proven team of American entrepreneurs and scientists who are mak- ing fusion happen right now. The Helion team has designed and built award-winning technology and fusion prototypes many experts in the field consider the most prom- ising approach. He has academic degrees from the University of Michigan. HyperJet Fusion Corporation was estab- lished in May of 2017, following a merger with HyperV Technologies Corp. of Chantilly, VA. Fusion is the ultimate form of green baseload power that uses a fuel with near-zero cost (deuterium from sea water and lithium, a common mineral) and mini- mal environmental impact. The fusion approach that Hyper Jet Fusion is developing has been known as Plasma-Jet driven Magneto-Inertial Fusion (PJMIF) at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. The HyperJet Fusion open geometry and moderate reactor size allow for convenient and relatively low-cost diag- nostic access. In contrast to other magneto- inertial fusion approaches, the driver is located with sufficient standoff distance from the pulsed fusion explosion and thus avoids any hardware destruction. These features allow HyperJet Fusion experiments to be conducted at low cost with high shot rates, enabling rapid resolution of technical issues (rapid learning) and thus rapid R&D development. Dr. Witherspoon received his under- graduate degree at Indiana University and his Ph.D in Physics from the University of Wisconsin. CT Fusion is dedicated to the develop- ment of fusion energy, motivated by promis- ing results from the HIT-SI Research Project with the University of Washington. The dynomak is a variation of the most popular type of research fusion machine, the tokamak. The University of Washington’s dynomak is a refinement of a subtype of tokamak called a spheromak. The most important difference is that the spheromak does away with most of the tokamak’s expensive superconducting mag- netic coils. Instead, a spheromak uses the electric currents flowing though the plasma itself to generate the magnetic fields need- ed to both stabilize and confine the plasma. With its patented plasma current-drive technology, Imposed-Dynamo Current Drive (IDCD), cost-effective fusion power plants become possible as is realized with this dynomak reactor concept. CT Fusion seeks to build new prototype devices to demonstrate that IDCD scales to reactor- relevant plasma configurations. Sutherland is a graduate of MIT with a BS in Nuclear Engineering and Physics and is presently a PhD candidate at the University of Washington. F.DOUGLAS WITHERSPOON CEO,HYPERJET FUSION DEREK SUTHERLAND CO-FOUNDER AND CEO CT FUSION DAVID KIRTLEY FOUNDER & CEO HELION ENERGY